Our shared community has continued to grow;  to evolve and change. And if we are going to continue serving the needs of our fellow members and online audience – then we need to grow and change along with them. 

Website Makeover (announcement)

So our website is getting a long overdo redesign/makeover!

And we’re taking it much farther than merely tweaking the layout or changing up the color scheme. We’re changing the entire tone, focus, and approach we take with regards to what we publish as well as how we present it.
We’ve chosen to present it via a hybrid, magazine style format:  and our goal is not just to help others gain clarity & understanding, but to uplift and empower them to abundance, and to achieving their life goals. We have a larger focus as well –  that is the shared goal of protecting and advancing our species.

We AIM to empower you!

Awaken  •  Inspire  •  Motivate


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