We are part of a Global Community!

The term “global community” refers to the growing connectedness of people around the world. Global describes the world, refering to everything, everywhere, the whole planet. Community refers to people who live in the same area and share common characteristics or interets. A world community is one which has a global vision, is established throughout the world, that has a membershipthat exists in most countries on the planet, and that involves the participation of most of its members in a variety of ways.

We are Citizens of ILLUMINATIAM
And we are Global!

Beyond this wall exists a community dedicated to discovering more about ourselves (as humans, and as individual members of a larger collective);  a loyal community dedicated to learning more about the Illuminati Organization and our role in THEIR DESIGN for humanity;  a vibrant community dedicated to securing the ongoing survival and advancement of the human species.

We are not interested in replicating what ILLUMINATIAM has done or is doing.  Our website was created to provide a safer, less public venue and forum for our fellow Illuminatiam, while the “parent organization” we support continues working on their websites.


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