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Our fellow Illuminatiam members have been asking, “How can they assist or help us create this online experience/destination and community?” And nearly every person we’ve spoken to wants to see this endeavor be successful.

At the moment, we are looking for:

  • Web Developer / IT Person:  we are looking for an experienced web developer to assist with some of the back-end development and connecting the various apps and plug-ins our site requires to function properly.
  • Microsoft Azure Specialist:  we need specialized assistance connecting our business email (Microsoft 365 / Outlook) to our Microsoft Azure and WPSMTP accounts.
  • Brand Manager or Branding Agency:  we would like to add a Brand Manager or Branding Agency to help us better define and reach our target audience (and help us to identify and reach our target market as well).

We are beginning this venture with only the skills individual members are willing to contribute (volunteer). Our team is mostly capable – but for these vital positions, we must hire experienced professionals.
It is not within our budget (or rather within our Creative Director’s personal means) at this time to hire someone on a full time basis. So we contract out for the services and assistance we need “on a work for hire basis”. QUALIFIED APPLICANTS will be contacted via email to discuss terms. 

Until we get the issue with our business mail resolved – Applicants can upload their resumes for consideration to the following temporary email address:

An individual is selected to work with us 

    • based on their current knowledge, skill sets, and abilities
    • based on their current & past experience with regards to the position they seek to fill
    • based on their ability to assist in further developing and growing our endeavor

Additional / Open Roles and Volunteer Positions that we would like assistance with are listed below


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