Project-Illuminati on social mediaIt is no small effort to keep our forum & discussion groups and our website channel free of bots, scammers, trolls, cyber-bullies, and other undesirable elements.

Ensuring that our readers & participants have a safe and enjoyable experience while visiting our sites is of vital importance to us! Sometimes all that is required to keep everyone safe is to remove a profile from following us on social media. Other times we may find it necessary to block certain accounts (that are more aggressive or harmful in their interactions).

Illuminati Scammers

  • profiles claiming to be an agent, recruiter, liaison, grandmaster, leader, shepherd, minister or preacher for the Illuminati
  • profiles that link to or refer others to profiles or websites that scam.
  • any profile attempting to connect the Illuminati to a religion or Deity
  • any profile claiming the Illuminati is connected to Freemasonry, the Templars, or to another secret society or organization


Social media bots are automated social media accounts. Some are benevolent, but most are used for malicious and manipulative purposes. And so we block all Bot accounts that we find among our followers.

 Other Elements

  • Trolls:  it doesn’t matter whether they’re just the usual online variety, or a brand troll. We will block any/all accounts that engage in trolling behavior when interacting with us.
  • Cyber-bullies:  we have zero tolerance for bullying behavior!
  • Porn & Sex:  If your posts cause images in this category to come across our feed, then you will be removed from following us. If your account is the one generating the porn, then expect your profile to get blocked!

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